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Digital security training platform for HRDs

Digital Supports, an initiative of the AHRN Foundation, is a digital security platform designed for human rights defenders and organizations to build capacity in digital security and the fight against cybercrime and cyberbullying. We also offer a range of courses on how to make the best use of social networks, and how to organize mass mobilization campaigns on social networks (petitions, mailing lists, SMS alerts, etc.).






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Our courses are offered in the form of videos, written tutorials, live training sessions or interactive webinars. They are designed to be practical and accessible, taking into account participants' level of technical expertise. The platform offers quizzes or assessments to help users test their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Skilled Trainers

Our trainers have a unique set of qualities that not only encompass technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by human rights activists and defenders.

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AHRN Foundation is a member of the international Shelter City network and has extensive experience in training HRDs.


Human rights work varies widely across regions and contexts. We adaptable and ready to address the specific concerns and challenges that participants bring to the table

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Our training modules are meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the digital landscape securely. From mastering encryption techniques to understanding risk assessment in the context of human rights advocacy, our courses are built to address the unique challenges you face.

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Digital Supports is a program set up by the AHRN Foundation to provide human rights defenders with 24/7 technical support in digital security. Digital Supports provides online and face-to-face training for human rights defenders and their organizations.


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